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Covet - Basement
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The Glasswinged Butterfly. The pretty creature, who is a native of Mexico and South America, does not lack the tissues that make up a full wing, but rather the coloured scales that other butterflies have.
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A flower or two, from us to you. #thegaybeards
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A to B
by matialonsor
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Angie is a therapy dog who comes into the library and lets kids read to her so that kids who are struggling with reading can gain confidence. Every time I’ve seen her in the library she’s always wagging her tail for the kids and is very attentive.
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Emotionally unprepared for Mondays. #NationalCoffeeDay

please someone cool transfer to my school or s/t because i have about 5 friends and none of them even have the same interests as meĀ 

i’ve been spending the last two hours looking for other schools to transfer to because i am so unhappy here